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Nucleic acids biochemistry

Section edited by Albert Jeltsch

This section incorporates all aspects of nucleic acid biochemistry including but not limited to: transcription and translation, chromatin, and replication and repair. 

  1. Genetic factors affect the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and colorectal adenoma (CRA) importantly. Transmembrane protein 6 superfamily member 2 (TM6SF2) rs58542926 is a significant genetic ...

    Authors: Yuan Li, Shousheng Liu, Yuqiang Gao, Huan Ma, Shuhui Zhan, Yan Yang, Yongning Xin and Shiying Xuan
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2019 20:3
  2. Endonucleases play critical roles in maintaining genomic stability and regulating cell growth. The purpose of this study was to evaluate detection of endonuclease activity as an indicator in the early diagnosi...

    Authors: Renquan Lu, Yingchao Wang, Xiaofeng Xu, Suhong Xie, Yanchun Wang, Ailing Zhong, Hui Zheng, Yiwen Yu, Xiang Gao and Lin Guo
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2018 19:6
  3. Dnmt3a is a DNA methyltransferase that establishes de novo DNA methylation in mammals. The structure of the Dnmt3a C-terminal domain is similar to the bacterial M. HhaI enzyme, a well-studied prokaryotic DNA meth...

    Authors: Olga V. Lukashevich, Natalia A. Cherepanova, Renata Z. Jurkovska, Albert Jeltsch and Elizaveta S. Gromova
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2016 17:7
  4. The 5′-triphosphorylated, 2′-5′-linked oligoadenylate polyribonucleotides (2-5As) are central to the interferon-induced antiviral 2-5A system. The 2-5As bind and activate the RNase L, an endoRNase degrading vi...

    Authors: Jesper Buchhave Poulsen, Karina Hansen Kjær, Just Justesen and Pia Møller Martensen
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2015 16:15
  5. Staphyloccocal nuclease domain-containing protein 1 (SND1) is involved in the regulation of gene expression and RNA protection. While numerous studies have established that SND1 protein expression is modulated...

    Authors: Sandra Armengol, Enara Arretxe, Leire Enzunza, Sarai Mula, Begoña Ochoa, Yolanda Chico and María José Martínez
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2014 15:25
  6. Human malaria parasite infection and its control is a global challenge which is responsible for ~0.65 million deaths every year globally. The emergence of drug resistant malaria parasite is another challenge t...

    Authors: Mohammed Tarique, Farha Tabassum, Moaz Ahmad and Renu Tuteja
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2014 15:9
  7. Hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) is a protein which is highly expressed in a variety of tumours. HDGF has mitogenic, angiogenic, neurotrophic and antiapoptotic activity but the molecular mechanisms by whi...

    Authors: Stephanie Bremer, Katharina Klein, Angela Sedlmaier, Mekky Abouzied, Volkmar Gieselmann and Sebastian Franken
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2013 14:2
  8. Epitope tags and fluorescent fusion proteins have become indispensable molecular tools for studies in the fields of biochemistry and cell biology. The knowledge collected on the subdomain organization of the t...

    Authors: Simona Morlacchi, Francesca Sciandra, Maria Giulia Bigotti, Manuela Bozzi, Wolfgang Hübner, Antonio Galtieri, Bruno Giardina and Andrea Brancaccio
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2012 13:14
  9. The TaqII enzyme is a member of the Thermus sp. enzyme family that we propounded previously within Type IIS restriction endonucleases, containing related thermophilic bifunctional endonucleases-methyltransferases...

    Authors: Agnieszka Żylicz-Stachula, Olga Żołnierkiewicz, Katarzyna Śliwińska, Joanna Jeżewska-Frąckowiak and Piotr M Skowron
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2011 12:62