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Table 2 list of antibodies used in this study

From: Copper chelation and interleukin-6 proinflammatory cytokine effects on expression of different proteins involved in iron metabolism in HepG2 cell line

Target Dilution Host Company
Fpn1 1:1,000 Rabbit Novus Biologicals
DMT1 1:1,000 Mouse Novus Biologicals
TfR1 1:5,000 Mouse Invitrogen
pSTAT3 1:1,000 Rabbit Cell Signalling
STAT3 1:1,000 Rabbit Cell Signalling
FTH1 1:1,000 Rabbit Cell Signalling
Human Ceruloplasmin 1:5,000 Goat Sigma
β-Actin 1:10,000 Mouse Sigma
Anti-goat HRP conjugated 1:4,000 Rabbit Sigma
Anti-mouse HRP conjugated 1:5,000 Goat Novex, ThermoFisher
Anti-rabbit HRP conjugated 1:4,000 Goat Novex, ThermoFisher