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Figure 4

From: Inversion of allosteric effect of arginine on N-acetylglutamate synthase, a molecular marker for evolution of tetrapods

Figure 4

Distribution of the ability to synthesize urea, CPSI and CPSIII in Deuterostomes. Animals whose genomes were surveyed in this study are indicated with asterisks. All six urea cycle genes were identified in the genomes of zebrafish, pufferfish, freshwater pufferfish and sea urchin, indicating potential ability of these animals to synthesize urea. Full sets of urea cycle genes were not found in the genomes of sea squirts C. intestinalis and C. savygnii. Numbers in parentheses are numbers in the reference list. The cladogram indicates taxonomic relationships among phyla; the length of each clade does not indicate evolutionary distance between phyla.

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