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Figure 5

From: Methodological factors influencing measurement and processing of plasma reelin in humans

Figure 5

Full-length reelin and uPA-treated reelin both bind to immobilized VLDL receptor ligand binding domain (sVLDLr1-8). 100 μl soluble sVLDLr1-8 (4 μg/mL; characterized in Hembrough et al., 2001 [37]) was coated in microtiter wells overnight at 4 C. The wells were then blocked with BSA (30 mg/mL). Following washing, the wells were incubated with conditioned media containing full-length reelin (circles) or uPA-digested reelin (squares). Bound reelin was detected using anti-reelin antibody G10 and goat anti-mouse IgG conjugated to alkaline phosphatase. Each data point represents the average of duplicate determinations. sVLDLr coated wells are shown with closed symbols, while BSA coated wells are shown with open symbols.

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