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Table 2 Summary of mammalian cardiac mitochondrial MLCL AT activities, CL synthase activities and CL content in various cardiac models.

From: Expression of monolysocardiolipin acyltransferase activity is regulated in concert with the level of cardiolipin and cardiolipin biosynthesis in the mammalian heart

  CL content CL Synthase Activity MLCL AT Activity References
Hyperthyroidism increased increased increased [14, 16]
Hypothyroidism decreased decreased decreased [this paper]
STZ-induced diabetes unaltered unaltered unaltered [[20], this paper]
Hyperinsulinemia unaltered unaltered unaltered [this paper]
Murine P19 cell differentiation into cardiac myocytes unaltered unaltered unaltered [[17, 25], this paper]