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Table 1 Kinetic constants for the high affinity component of ThDP uptake by mitochondria isolated from various cell types.

From: Mitochondria from cultured cells derived from normal and thiamine-responsive megaloblastic anemia individuals efficiently import thiamine diphosphate

cell line Km Vmax
normal lymphoblasts 0.38 2.0
TRMA lymphoblasts 0.60 1.5
fibroblasts 0.41 10
neuroblastoma 0.20 39
glyB 0.41 0.8
  1. Km, micromolar; Vmax, pmol per mg protein per min. Values for normal lymphoblasts are derived from a Lineweaver-Burk plot using the mean velocity values averaged from 4 independent experiments. Two independent experiments were performed for TRMA lymphoblasts, fibroblasts, and neuroblastomas, and one experiment was performed for glyB cells.