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Figure 2

From: Metabolomic profiling reveals a role for CPT1c in neuronal oxidative metabolism

Figure 2

Loss of CPT1c results in decreased free carnitine and no change in fatty acid oxidative metabolites in the brain. (A) Biochemicals involved in carnitine, amino acid, and fatty acid metabolism from WT and CPT1c KO brains were compared through metabolomic analyses, revealing a statistically significant change in levels of free carnitine (p=0.084), 3-dehydrocarnitine (p=0.0103), glutaroylcarnitine (p=0.0244) and betaine (p=0.0383). (B) Schematic of biochemical pathways altered in CPT1c KO mice. Based on this schematic pathway, glutaroyl carnitine and betaine may affect the level of free carnitine, since these biochemicals play a role in carnitine biosynthesis.

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