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  1. Plasma lipases and lipid transfer proteins are involved in the generation and speciation of high density lipoproteins. In this study we have examined the influence of plasma lipases and lipid transfer protein ...

    Authors: Valéria S Nunes, Eder CR Quintão, Patrícia M Cazita, Lila M Harada, Eliana C de Faria and Helena CF Oliveira
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2001 2:1
  2. Vaccinia virus gene B1R encodes a serine/threonine protein kinase. In vitro this protein kinase phosphorylates ribosomal proteins Sa and S2 and vaccinia virus protein H5R, proteins that become phosphorylated duri...

    Authors: Neil G. Brown, D Nick Morrice, Georges Beaud, Grahame Hardie and David P Leader
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2000 1:2
  3. Alternative DNA conformations are of particular interest as potential signals to mark important sites on the genome. The structural variability of CA microsatellites is particularly pronounced; these are repet...

    Authors: Claire Gaillard and François Strauss
    Citation: BMC Biochemistry 2000 1:1