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Table 3 Zero-current membrane potentials, Vm, of Diph-PC/n-decane membranes in the presence of the pore formed by the detergent extract of C. urealyticum, measured for a 5-fold gradient of different salts

From: Identification and characterization of smallest pore-forming protein in the cell wall of pathogenic Corynebacterium urealyticum DSM 7109

Electrolyte Permeability ratios Pcation/Panion Vm (mV)a
KCl 2.4 14 ± 3
LiCl 0.54 −8.9 ± 0.2
KCH3COO (pH 7) 7.8 24 ± 2
  1. aThe potential V m , measured for fivefold gradients of different salts, is defined as the difference between the potential on the dilute side (100 mM) and the potential on the concentrated side (500 mM). The aqueous salt solutions were used unbuffered with a pH of 6, if not indicated otherwise. The temperature was 20 °C. The cation/anion permeability ratio was calculated as the mean of at least 3 individual experiments [44]