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Table 1 Experimental characterization of Symmetrin proteins. Each column displays the results of a single experiment performed on all Symmetrin designs. Each row displays the results of all experiments performed on a single Symmetrin design. The Symmetrin-1 and Symmetrin-3 designs displayed the most noteworthy characteristics. Cells left blank represent experiments not performed

From: Design of symmetric TIM barrel proteins from first principles

Protein Expression Solubility CD spectrum Tm FPLC 1D NMR
Symmetrin-1 10 mg/l soluble alpha-beta 44 °C monomeric well resolved
Symmetrin-2 10 mg/l soluble alpha-beta 44 °C monomeric  
Symmetrin-3 10 mg/l soluble alpha-beta 63 °C oligomeric poorly-resolved
Symmetrin-4 3 mg/l insoluble