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Table 5 Comparison of the Site I and II ligand-binding domains within each IRBP module

From: Module structure of interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP) may provide bases for its complex role in the visual cycle – structure/function study of Xenopus IRBP

Amino acid residues lining the two domains:
  Site I Site II
X1: W132 Y162 V97 I111 L127 I131 L109 W268 P63 S271 G236 Y73 T240 L238
X2: W135 Y165 F100 F114 I130 V134 L112 W272 P62 G275 N241 L73 S245 M243
X3: W133 Y163 F98 F112 L128 V132 L110 W271 H63 S274 V239 E75 V243 L241
X4: W127 Y157 F92 F106 L122 V126 I104 W265 F55 L268 L233 S66 P237 H235
Amino acid residues that are significantly different and/or interfering with ligand-binding:
  Site I   Site II      
X1: V159 M191 E189 E121 L187   Y73 P76      
X2: L162 L196 K194 A124 H192   L73 P76      
X3: F160 F194 E192 K122 L190   E75 L77      
X4: F154 V188 D186 N116 L184   S66 R69