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Table 1 Amino acid sequence similarities of the N-terminal sequence of APNAnq 100 from An. quadrimaculatus with three protein sequences from An. gambiae obtained through a BLAST search.

From: Identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis Cry11Ba toxin-binding aminopeptidase from the mosquito, Anopheles quadrimaculatus

Source identity Acc. No.b Amino acid sequencea % identity
An. quadrimaculatus 1-AQLEDYRLNDDVRPTAYRIE-20 NAc
An. gambiae EAA08760.1 42-AQLEDYRLNDDVWPTHYDIE-61 85
An. gambiae EAA08929.1 53-AQLEEYRLNDDVWPTHYDIE-72 85
An. gambiae EAA08763.1 45-AQPEDYRLNDDVWPTHYDIE-64 80
  1. a The numbers flanking the sequences represent residue position in the protein.
  2. b The accession no. in protein database.
  3. c NA- Not applicable.