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Figure 4

From: Identification of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B and casein as substrates for 124-v-Mos

Figure 4

PTP-1B is a substrate for 124-v-Mos in vitro. In vitro Mos kinase assays, using purified PTP-1B as a substrate, were resolved using 10% SDS-PAGE and the autoradiograph is shown in 4A. Immunoprecipitates of Sf9 cells expressing the kinase-inactive 124-v-MosK121R variant or PTP-1B alone were included as controls (A,B). A parallel kinase assay was blotted on nylon-membrane and PTP-1B was detected (B) using the PTP-1B-specific antiserum FG6 [29], arrowheads indicate the position of 124-v-Mos and PTP-1B.

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