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Table 3 Influence of CETP on the 14C-phospholipid (PL) transfer from lipid emulsions to the human plasma lipoproteins.

From: Plasma lipases and lipid transfer proteins increase phospholipid but not free cholesterol transfer from lipid emulsion to high density lipoproteins.

Fractions Control +TP2
LDL 4 (0 - 6) 0 (-5 - 1)
HDL 30a (26 - 38) 18a,b (16 - 27)
  1. Percent transfer of 14C-PL from lipid emulsion to LDL and HDL obtained from fasting human plasma without (control) and with CETP monoclonal antibody, TP2, incubated for 30 minutes at zero (ice) and at 37°C. Plasma lipoproteins were fractionated by FPLC. Percent transfer was calculated as the difference between values obtained at 37°C and 0°C. Results are expressed as median (range), n=6. Mann-Whitney test: a: p<0.001 (HDL vs. LDL), b: p<0.05 (TP2 vs. control).