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Table 1 Influence of plasma lipases on the 3H-free cholesterol (FC) and 14C-phospholipid (PL) transfer from lipid emulsions to the human plasma lipoproteins.

From: Plasma lipases and lipid transfer proteins increase phospholipid but not free cholesterol transfer from lipid emulsion to high density lipoproteins.

Fractions Control   Post-heparin Post-heparin + THL  
  3H-FC 14C-PL 3H-FC 14C-PL 3H-FC 14C-PL
LDL 15 7 21 7 20 6
  (2-35) (3-49) (15-26) (2-13) (17-34) (1-12)
HDL 13 31a 18 50a,b 15 39a,c
  (7-28) (18-47) (12-36) (35-68) (8-33) (23-48)
  1. Percent transfer of 3H-FC and 14C-PL from lipid emulsion to LDL and HDL obtained from fasting human plasma control, post-heparin with and without addition of a lipase inhibitor, tetrahydrolipstatin (THL) incubated for 30 minutes at zero (ice) and at 37°C. Plasma lipoproteins were fractionated by FPLC. Percent transfer was calculated as the difference between values obtained at 37°C and 0°C. Results are expressed as median (range), n=12. Mann-Whitney test: a: p< 0.001 (HDL vs. LDL) ; b: p<0.001 (post-heparin vs. control) and c: p<0.01 (post-heparin vs. post-heparin+THL).