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Table 2 Summary of expression of LGI1, LGI2, LGI3 and LGI4.

From: Similarity of molecular phenotype between known epilepsy gene LGI1 and disease candidate gene LGI2

Gene BioGPS [23]
Human GeneAtlas
U133A.gcrma experiment
BioGPS [23]
Mouse GeneAtlas
GNF1 M.gcrma experiment
HPRD [24]
(site of expression, selected only human brain regions)
Human Protein Atlas [25]
(selected only strong and moderate expression in human brain tissues and cell lines)
(only top 5*)
LGI1 Most expressed in amygdala, prefrontal cortex, fetal brain, hypothalamus, caudate nucleus, cingulated cortex Highly expressed in amygdala, hippocampus, dorsal striatum, cerebral cortex, frontal cortex and cortex, respectively Brain, nervous system - Brain, ganglia, umbilical cord, embryonic tissue, nerve
LGI2 Expressed at levels around the median value in any tissue of the brain with a slight elevation in the olfactory bulb Highly expressed in lower spinal cord with intermediate but elevated expression in upper spinal cord, trigeminal ganglion, substantia nigra and dorsal root ganglion Amygdala, brain, caudate nucleus, cerebellum, corpus callosum, hippocampus, spinal cord, substantia nigra, subthalamic nucleus, thalamus cerebellum(purkinje cells; strong, cells in granular layer; moderate, cells in molecular layer; moderate)
Hippocampus (neuronal cells; moderate)
Lateral ventricle (neuronal cells; moderate)
D341 Med (Medulloblastoma cell line), SH-SY5Y (Metastatic neuroblastoma, clonal subline of neuroepithelioma cell line SK-N-SH)
Parathyroid, embryonic tissue, mixed, unclassified, spleen (brain is ranked at 15)
LGI3 Specifically expressed in prefrontal cortex Highest levels in lower and upper spinal cord as well as substantia nigra Brain - Nerve, skin, brain, prostate, pancreas
LGI4 Generally low but constant expression in tissues of the nervous system with slightly elevated levels in dorsal root ganglion Most highly expressed in dorsal root ganglion, trigeminal ganglion and cerebellum respectively Brain - Ganglia, pharynx, nerve, ear, eye
  1. BioGPS, SOURCE = gene expression, HPRD = protein and/or mRNA expression, Human Protein Atlas = protein expression
  2. * Top 5 were selected from normalized expression distribution for tissue source